Grab your chips and enjoy your favorite table games on our gaming floor! Whether you’re looking to roll the dice on Mini Craps, Let It Ride on our poker table, or test your luck with Double and Six Card Blackjack, our informative dealers will make your experience entertaining and memorable!


Monthly Events

Omaha Hi/Lo – Thursdays – 2pm
Pineapple Hold’em – Fridays – 5pm
$1-$2 No Limit Hold’em – Saturdays  – 5pm

Double & Six Deck BJ, Let It Ride Bonus, Mini Craps
Thursday – Sunday 4pm

Monthly (Bounty) Poker Tournament
$100 Buy-In
Saturday June 29th  3pm

Take out the Bounty Player to win $100 in Table Games Promo

Early Registration for Gold Members
Call the Day Before at Noon: 787-486-2076

Wednesday, July 10th – 6pm
$50 Buy-In, $5 Additional Dealer Add-on
Earn additional Wild Card Entries



The object of the game of blackjack or “21″ is to get a card total higher than that of the dealer’s without going over 21.All cards are counted at their numerical value with face cards having a value of 10 and Aces as 1 or 11: it’s your choice.

The game begins with the placing of a wager and the player receiving two (2) cards. The cards are all dealt face up except the dealers “hole card” which will be exposed after all player cards have been dealt. The cards will be touched only by the dealer. The player will indicate by hand signals how his hand is to be played. The dealer will be happy to explain how to do this.



Poker, a captivating card game embraced worldwide, is an artful blend of skill, strategy, and chance. Players are dealt hands, each a potential canvas for crafting winning combinations. The game’s diversity is matched only by the unique personalities around the table.

Decisions made during betting rounds reveal the players’ cunning or composure, with bluffs dancing alongside genuine confidence. The rhythm of poker is set by community cards, unveiling shared possibilities and intensifying the psychological ballet. 



In Craps, a rotating shooter tosses a pair of dice to the opposite end of the table.


Anyone can place a bet, and the winner is determined by the number the shooter throws. Here are the types of bets:

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